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  • Name: Graeme Fowler

    Year: 2

    Major: Education

    Hometown: Vancouver Island

    Nomination: Graeme is a student who is passionate about friendships, focused on the future of our campus and his community, and actively pursuing leadership in his current season. As the leader of the Haiti summer missions trip, and a major part of the leadership in our dorm, I have seen Graeme serve others consistently and beautifully throughout this year. He is a legend. Ask anyone, he is genuinely one of the kindest and most humble men on campus!

    As an education major, Graeme is an amazing fit for his goals as he wishes to be a high school principle in the future, along with continually developing his focus on global missions projects.


    Why did you choose TWU?

    Originally I didn’t want to come here at all but I because of my mom and because of God’s grace I ended up here and I don’t regret it at all.

    How have you gotten involved on campus over the years?

    I’m part of the Titans soccer team, I’ve joined a discipleship group, I’m a part of youth extreme (one of the L.O.V.E. ministries), S.O.S leader, I’ve been accepted to be an RA next year and I’ve signed up to go on a summer missions trip to Haiti!

    Wow, super busy schedule! And really exciting plans for the summer…

    Have you been on missions trips before?

    I went to Haiti last spring and it rocked me and changed me. I learned a lot more than what I actually did there. I believe I have a calling to Haiti. I also have family there. Eventually I want to be a teacher so I plan on teaching there at some point as well. My personal connection to the trip has been quite continual. I keep thinking about it even now.  

    How did you get involved in a leadership role for the Haiti Summer Missions trip?

    Originally, I was going to lead the Honduras trip but I got asked to lead the Haiti trip. My heart is still in Haiti so I’ve got to go with that.

    What is it specifically you and your team hope to achieve when you get there?

    First and foremost we don’t want to see this as any kind of charity. We want to love the people. Specifically, we’re running sports camps with the intention of giving the children an avenue out of poverty through athletics. We also host weddings (it’s a huge deal to get married there, and it normally costs a lot so we provide a way to make that process easier), and take on construction projects around the actual campground that we’re staying at (whatever it is that needs to get fixed - last year it was flooring and ceilings). We also spend some time visiting at an orphanage..

    What do you hope to do after you finish your degree at Trinity?

    I want to go back to Haiti for a few years. I want to become a high school principle so I hope to come back and get my Masters. Eventually I want to work in a public school with at-risk youth.

    How do you feel your leadership roles and missions work on campus and off campus have influenced your choice in career path or major (if it has at all)?

    There were a couple musts I wanted for a career: working with kids, and serving in some way. I have experience working with at-risk students on the downtown eastside through Youth Extreme. Growing up, I went to a public school where I experienced a lot of that first hand.

    Something you hope to check off the bucket list one day?

    Sky diving. That’s a definite must. I love travelling and I want to travel for the rest of my life, each and every continent to experience different cultures. 



    Thank you TWU students for nominating Graeme as one of the many students on campus that are making an impact on both a local and global scale! 

    Know of another student who fits the criteria of passionately serving and positively impacting others? Email us your nomination at

  • Trinity Western University announced today that it has named Bob Kuhn as its President and Vice Chancellor. Kuhn, who has served as the University’s Interim President since July 2013, will be Trinity Western’s fourth President since its inception in 1962.

    “After 52 years of growth and miraculous accomplishments, Trinity Western University has found its place as a leader among the ranks of Christian higher education,” Kuhn remarked. “Whether it be in groundbreaking research or by winning championships in elite collegiate sports, TWU has consistently proven that it punches above its weight in transformational university education, maintaining a global impact of significance. I couldn’t be more proud of being an alumnus, and now the president, of such an extraordinary University.”

    Kuhn’s appointment to a five-year term follows the unanimous recommendation by the Presidential Search Committee, which conducted a comprehensive search over the past eight-months for the best person to assume the position of President. The committee was made up of a broad representation of TWU constituencies.

    “In his role as Interim President, Kuhn has made significant progress in developing a vision of not just what TWU can and will become (as God provides),” said Chair, Board of Governors, Jeremy Funk, “but also how that calling can be achieved.”

    When appointed Interim President last July, Kuhn said he was committed to being an encouragement to faculty, staff and students. “My approach is relational,” said Kuhn. “To me, it’s less about the presidency and more about building relationships with the broad spectrum of constituents that form the Trinity community.”

    The time he spent gaining insight and knowledge from students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni culminated into the development of a draft strategy framework —the New Era—that outlines the way forward for the institution. He announced the New Era vision to friends and supporters at TWU’s 2013 Christmas in the City gala.

    “As the Board of Governors, we are eager to see how [the New Era] vision for growth and sustainability can further draw the TWU community together,” said Funk. “In addition to this vision, Bob is extremely passionate about the mission and ministry of TWU, which we see as vital for effective leadership.”

    In the midst of some significant political and social challenges to TWU’s core identity as a Christian institution of higher learning, and with growing tension within Canadian society, Kuhn has proven to be a case of the right person, in the right place, at the right time. “His life experience, professional, community, and alumni contacts, and collaborative and relational leadership style are what TWU requires at this point in its institutional-life,” said Funk. As interim president, Kuhn has not only infused the TWU campus with hope and encouragement, he has also lead the legal and very public battle over the University’s proposed law school with strength, compassion, and grace.

    “We desire to see TWU remain faithful in its divine calling of developing godly Christian leaders for the various marketplaces of life,” said Funk. “We are confident that Bob Kuhn, a Trinity Western alumnus (’72) and TWU’s fourth president, will lead Canada’s premier Christian university into a new era of profound national and global impact.”

    The inauguration ceremony for TWU's fourth President will be held in September 2014 during Alumni Weekend.

    A graduate of UBC School of Law and a practicing lawyer for over 33 years, Kuhn is no stranger to leadership at Trinity Western. He served as Student Body President from 1971-72 and, in 2001, Kuhn led TWU’s legal team all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada successfully defending TWU’s Teacher Education Program vs. the BC College of Teachers. In addition to writing regularly for various award-winning publications, Kuhn has lectured throughout Canada on a broad array of legal topics for numerous groups, such as the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia; the University of British Columbia; Institute of Chartered Accountants; and the Provincial Court Judges of British Columbia.

    In 2012, the TWU Board of Governors conferred on Kuhn an honorary Doctor of Laws in recognition of his service to Canada and to the University, which has spanned over three decades and contributed to the leadership of each of TWU’s three previous presidents. Born in Vernon, British Columbia, Kuhn is married to Renae, also a Trinity alumnus (‘72), and they have three adult children and one grandson.

    News release found here:

  • Invested and Inspiring: Victoria Wilkinson

    Year: 4th year, 3rd year Nursing.

    Major: Nursing

    Hometown: Langley, BC

    Victoria Wilkinson started the Pillowcase Princess Project in 2011, after realizing that her heart for missions, and helping others, could have an international impact, even from her home in Langley. Ever since the age of seven she has had a heart for Africa, in particular. Victoria distinctly remembers regularly asking her parents to let her sponsor a child, many times strategically laying out the sponsorship cards around the house. 

    Victoria has gone on missions’ trips before. She visited Mexico in her Grade 11 year to work with children, and build a house. However, her heart longed to visit Africa. Between high school and university, she tried to take a gap year to travel to the massive continent, but her plans continuously fell through.

    Her next step? Enroll at Trinity Western University until the dream to visit Africa could be realized!

    Though somewhat disappointed at first in the light of having her travel plans cancelled, Victoria realized that her time at Trinity has been exceptionally influential. Her heart and understanding of local missions was developed through involvement in TWU outreach teams.

    “I had a good friend who invited me to join Rahab ministries at TWU and that really showed me that there is so much we can be doing in our own community, even to make a difference internationally.”

     Furthermore, as a nursing student, she developed many practical skills. Both these things shaped who she was and what she had to offer. So when last summer she had the opportunity to finally travel to Africa, she took more than just herself and her passion with her. Because of her developed heart for local outreach, and community, she was led to start the Pillowcase Princess Project, which provided her the opportunity to deliver hundreds of dresses and shorts to the people she visited in Africa. The nursing skills provided her with practical skills to help in a rural clinic.

    It was her international focus that inspired the Pillowcase Princess Project. But TWU got her mind thinking how to serve locally first. To date, Victoria and many volunteers have made over 1000 dresses and roughly 800 pairs of shorts, which have been sent not only to Africa, but all over the world. Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Philippines, Mexico, and Haiti are a few of the places that have been blessed by many volunteers.

    Victoria delivers the dresses personally, as well as, sends them off with other missionaries whom she connects with. Everyone is welcome to get involved! Here are some ways:

    • Prayer and encouragement are always appreciated.
    • Donating pillowcases and supplies (ie. thread, elastics etc.)
    • Helping to sew the dresses and shorts ( supplies can be picked up from Victoria)
    • Volunteer to bring some of the clothing on your next missions’ trip.

    Victoria admits that for a time, it was overwhelming given how big the project had become. Currently in her 3rd year of Nursing, she understands better than anyone that things can get kind of hectic with school, friends, family, and volunteer work. Though it’s hard to balance everything, Victoria’s dedicated to making time for things that she is passionate about.

    For more information about the Pillowcase Princess Project, visit their official website here:


    Thank you TWU students for nominating Victoria as one of the many students on campus that are making an impact on both a local and global scale! 

    Know of another student who fits the criteria of passionately serving and positively impacting others? Email us your nomination at

  • Here is how this works: Impact receives a tip from a fellow TWU student about a peer who they’ve witnessed making a real difference in the lives of others. Impact verifies the activities of the nominee and shares the good news with you!

    So kind of like Gossip Girl, except less creepy and less gossip-y.

    We realize that before, during and after our time at Trinity Western, different passions and causes create meaning in our lives and offer us the opportunity to DO something! At Trinity, we’re afforded the time to seriously think, reflect and evaluate why those passions are important. Yes, we’ve all heard that the mission of Trinity Western University is to create godly Christian leaders for the various marketplaces of life.

    But what does that look like?

    We believe that being a godly Christian leader takes different forms in different people. But it seems as though a common thread binds every single one of those outrageous, creative, philanthropic, entrepreneurial, inventive, BRILLIANT passions:  our love for God and the pursuit of His plan for us.

    Now where on earth are we going with all this you might be asking yourself?

    Well, we realized that throughout TWU’s student body of over 4000 students, there must be some pretty amazing stories of students pursuing their passions, whatever they may be, and bettering the world because of it! But of course, our contacts only reach so far. If you know a student who is actively pursuing their passion and creating a change for the better in the local or global community we would love to hear from you!

    Join us as we explore some of the mishmash of passions that permeate this campus.

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