The hypocrite's first blog post.

Clockwise from top left: Alida, Bryan, Jordan, Jennah, Carly

Clockwise from top left: Alida, Bryan, Jordan, Jennah, Carly

I had no right to recruit. 

When given the task of searching out a group of TWU students who would blog regularly for the Impact website, I was somewhat at a loss.

Together, with a dear friend who had great recommendations, we compiled a list of people who we thought would be great at communicating the true and honest account of the life of a Trinity student. 

But still, of all the people to ask to recruit...

I've always been of the personal opinion that blogging was never for me. Don't get me wrong - I loved reading other people's blogs...but when it came to writing one myself - nope. Too much ... so many feelings ... out in the open...honest admissions for everyone to see. I just couldn't do it.

Cough *hypocrite* cough.

When I met Jennah for the first time she was somewhat hesitant about starting her own blog. I couldn't help but confirm some of her fears, as they were my fears as well. 

Well, what if my writing isn't perfect? What if it doesn't quite make sense to everyone?

Isn't it nerve wracking to put your whole self out there in the open, for everyone to see?

What if I don't represent TWU well? I'm not one of those "star" students, so my story can't be nearly as interesting as someone else.

Totally valid fears! ...right?

Well yes, except…I can’t tell you how much I personally enjoy reading other student’s blog posts when they get published on the site! I’m thankful that Impact has such a diverse, committed, and talented group of individuals sharing their stories with the TWU community. All of them are in different stages of their academic career and all of them have their own take on what life is like as a TWU student.

Jennah, as a first time blogger had absolutely nothing to fear. As a first year student, or a Master’s student, it doesn't matter – everyone has their own unique story to share! I’m glad that the posts aren’t ‘perfect’ but rather an honest account of successes, struggles, worries, dreams and the hope that students have for their future.

So yes, to be honest, you are putting yourself out there in the open...

And it can be scary!

...but you never know who will be benefitting from your honesty. 

So! I’m very pleased to introduce to you this year’s batch of fantastic, transparent, super creative student bloggers!


Alida Oegema

Bryan Sandberg

Carly Lecuyer

Jennah Dohms

Jordan Dueck


I’m stoked when I receive an email update telling me that a new post has been published… check out their posts here!


I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do,

Impact Community Manager

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