Invested and Inspiring: Victoria Wilkinson

Victoria with some of the girls who received pillowcase dresses!

Victoria with some of the girls who received pillowcase dresses!

Invested and Inspiring: Victoria Wilkinson

Year: 4th year, 3rd year Nursing.

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Langley, BC

Victoria Wilkinson started the Pillowcase Princess Project in 2011, after realizing that her heart for missions, and helping others, could have an international impact, even from her home in Langley. Ever since the age of seven she has had a heart for Africa, in particular. Victoria distinctly remembers regularly asking her parents to let her sponsor a child, many times strategically laying out the sponsorship cards around the house. 

Victoria has gone on missions’ trips before. She visited Mexico in her Grade 11 year to work with children, and build a house. However, her heart longed to visit Africa. Between high school and university, she tried to take a gap year to travel to the massive continent, but her plans continuously fell through.

Her next step? Enroll at Trinity Western University until the dream to visit Africa could be realized!

Though somewhat disappointed at first in the light of having her travel plans cancelled, Victoria realized that her time at Trinity has been exceptionally influential. Her heart and understanding of local missions was developed through involvement in TWU outreach teams.

“I had a good friend who invited me to join Rahab ministries at TWU and that really showed me that there is so much we can be doing in our own community, even to make a difference internationally.”

 Furthermore, as a nursing student, she developed many practical skills. Both these things shaped who she was and what she had to offer. So when last summer she had the opportunity to finally travel to Africa, she took more than just herself and her passion with her. Because of her developed heart for local outreach, and community, she was led to start the Pillowcase Princess Project, which provided her the opportunity to deliver hundreds of dresses and shorts to the people she visited in Africa. The nursing skills provided her with practical skills to help in a rural clinic.

It was her international focus that inspired the Pillowcase Princess Project. But TWU got her mind thinking how to serve locally first. To date, Victoria and many volunteers have made over 1000 dresses and roughly 800 pairs of shorts, which have been sent not only to Africa, but all over the world. Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Philippines, Mexico, and Haiti are a few of the places that have been blessed by many volunteers.

Victoria delivers the dresses personally, as well as, sends them off with other missionaries whom she connects with. Everyone is welcome to get involved! Here are some ways:

  • Prayer and encouragement are always appreciated.
  • Donating pillowcases and supplies (ie. thread, elastics etc.)
  • Helping to sew the dresses and shorts ( supplies can be picked up from Victoria)
  • Volunteer to bring some of the clothing on your next missions’ trip.

Victoria admits that for a time, it was overwhelming given how big the project had become. Currently in her 3rd year of Nursing, she understands better than anyone that things can get kind of hectic with school, friends, family, and volunteer work. Though it’s hard to balance everything, Victoria’s dedicated to making time for things that she is passionate about.

For more information about the Pillowcase Princess Project, visit their official website here:


Thank you TWU students for nominating Victoria as one of the many students on campus that are making an impact on both a local and global scale! 

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