Fall and Winter in the Community Garden



This year, I've been working with the TWU community garden project thanks to grants from the Canadian government and Vancity.  It’s been a busy fall and winter at the community garden!  Here a just a few of the amazing things we’ve gotten to do since receiving our Vancity grant…

September :
– Open House –
In September we hosted an open house information session for current gardeners and any potential gardeners interested in starting a plot with us. There was a great turnout, as people came throughout the afternoon to learn about our facilities, share delicious home-baked zucchini bread, and lend a hand picking tomatoes, squash and zucchini from the communal plots, a bounty that would be handed over to the Salvation Army’s Gateway of Hope in Langley.  A representative from Vancity came out to see the fruit (quite literally) of the grant, Melissa did a demonstration on how to sow fall cover crops that help suppress weeds. And everyone left with grocery bags full of produce!

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